Mission San Gabriel Archangel, California

Mission San Gabriel Archangel, California
Mission San Gabriel Archangel circa 1889

Friday, June 26, 2015

California legislators renew push against Junipero Serra, saint and Hispanic 'founding father'

Coming from California legislators, this doesn't surprise me. They lean so far to the left that all the doorways in the capitol building had to be rebuilt so they could get through them.

At least one group is fighting back, Salvemos a Serra @ http://www.salvemosaserra.com/ or Let's Save Serra. To date, more than 46,000 Californians have signed English and Spanish petitions on CitizenGo.org asking that the attempt to removed the blessed father's statue from the US Capitol Rotunda.

Why are they doing this? Who are they pandering to? I see no big movement among the California Spanish community. There's nothing on Latino television or in their newspapers. The only “Indians” complaining about this are small bands, many of whom never even lived in areas affected by the missions!

Why aren't they complaining about the first American governor of California who, in 1840, had them rounded up and deposited on “reservations” in areas not wanted by the Yanks?