Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
Always forward, never back

Friday, November 14, 2014

Father Baegert Meets Captain Rivera

What caught my attention in Father Baegert's book was his almost complete ignoring of the soldiers who served with him. During the 17 years of his service in California, he only referred to one and that was Captain Fernando Rivera.

At the same time, in all the references I have about the life of Captain Rivera, very little is said about the 26 years he served in Baja California. So, it has become a serious task to try to bring those years to life for readers to understand who he was and what he accomplished.

After 80,000 words of the first, rough draft, I finally reached the point where these two figures meet.

Father Baegert is trying to acclimatize himself to the new land and learn what he will face as a missionary to the Guaycura – a Stone Age tribe with a barbaric lifestyle. He is doing this when a young sergeant arrives from the south and is surprised to learn the Jesuits are promoted him over everybody to captain and commandant/governor of California.

Wishing to learn about the missions to the north he has never visited, Captain Rivera and his escort take newly-arrived supplies to each of them. It is upon his return that Rivera learns Father Baegert is going to be sent to Mission San Luis Gonzaga. There is nothing I can find anywhere the names of the soldiers who accompanied him.

So, this turned out to be just the place to have the two meet and travel together. And this is what they found:

Over the next 17 years, in spite of his ill health, this is what he created:

And Captain Rivera travels south, meeting men he once served with as a mere sergeant and facing the lieutenant who had felt the captaincy to be his right. Sould make for an interesting confrontation.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Missions Bloom Released

Well, the third in the series is now available for you to purchase.

A very brief synopsis -- After Father Serra's death, Timothy and Jaime show their dedication by assisting the presidents of the missions who follow to carry out the reverend father's dream of placing a mission 10 leagues apart from San Diego to north of San Francisco Bay.

While historical in nature, this is also a love story. The love between Timothy and Carla, the Baja Indian, who dedicated her life to him and gave him three wonderful children. She dies in his arms trying to give birth to another and Timothy's agony is clear to all. Can such a love be replaced?

while the paperback version is available @ http://www.bluewoodpublishing.com/ps/?wpsc-product=the-missions-bloom and Amazon.com @ http://www.amazon.com/dp/1927220823

Enjoy. And, if you like it, as always return to the purchase site and either rate it or give a brief summary of your reaction.

Thanks in advance. I am not just an author but a story teller. Story tellers can only exist if others listen to those tales.