Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
Always forward, never back

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Closer to Publication

Sorry to be away for so long, but busy working on two more novels.

Just received the "proof copy" of the above novel. That usually means the author's last chance to make any changes before the novel is published. Well, I sent it back to the publisher this morning. So, the only thing I'm waiting for is for Bluewood Publishing to release it for sale.

Here's the blurb and where it will be available for sale.

Will I ever be glad to see an actual copy in my hands.

[Psst - a little something between you and me. In order to avoid any further delays, I let a couple of small errors slip by. Visitador General Don José de Gálvez was left to be Galvez {minus the accented a} but I didn't think anyone but us will notice. :)]

Now, back to work on The Leatherjacket Soldier, the story of Fernando Rivera, and The Missions Wither, Book Four of Father Serra's Legacy.

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