Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Leatherjacket Soldier

Well, I've finished the novel and am sending it off to the publisher for consideration.

For your consideration, here is the Synopsis:

Fernando Rivera is born in Compestella, Mexico in 1752. His father, a minor government functionary dies, leaving the family in poverty. Jesuit priests have taught Fernando to read, write, and do sums. Fernando enlists as a common soldier for the light cavalry, known as Leatherjacket Soldiers. He serves well and is selected for assignment to the military garrison in Loreto, Baja California, the capitol of the province. He rises from private to sergeant. All are shocked when he, a mere Criollo, is elevated by the viceroy to the rank of captain to be the military commandant of California. This was due to urging by Jesuits priests he had well served. When the Jesuits are forced to leave the New World to be replaced by Franciscans, he continues to perform his duties even after having been replaced. He later becomes governor of Upper California. However, as he was born in Mexico, he is considered to be a second class member of Spanish society. He is replaced again by another titled individual from Spain and sent back to Loreto. There, Fernando continues to serve his king with dignity and dedication. The viceroy determine the pueblo of Los Angeles will be founded and Fernando is tasked to recruit soldiers and settlers, along with livestock. At what is now Yuma, Arizona, Fernando sends half the livestock to Mission San Gabriel. He and his small band are attacked by local Indians. He is slain, dying a pauper as he has not received pay for five years, leaving his survivors in poverty.

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