Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In a Bit of a Bind

Bluewood Publishing is suddenly speeding up the process of publishing the books in the Father Serra's Legacy series.

Book One, The Sailor and The Carpenter had barely hit the shelves and e-readers before they sent me Book Two, The King's Highway to review the comments/changes from 2 editors. Now, out of nowhere, they sent Book Three, The Missions Bloom, for the first edit!

So, what's the bind?

Well, getting old and don't get around that well no more. On the 8th of March, went to step up and a strong gust of wind caught me – and I went straight back on my big duff. After being helped to my feet by three veterans [I was out at Nellis AFB], I got back in the car and we went on our way.

You must go to the emergency room.”

Being a big, tough guy, I told my wife it wasn't necessary. Bought one of those thumb brace things at the local pharmacy and figured the pain would go away ere long.

Well, it didn't so, a week after falling, made an appointment with my doctor. He ordered x-rays and the tech took me to the clinic explaining I had fractured the end of the radius in my right hand. So, on went one of those new casts where they soak a colored cloth in water, then wrap it around the hand and arm. [I now understand why so many go crazy with the itching. Thank goodness, I learned how talc eases it.]

Ever try to type with a cast on your hand?

And, that's the problem – I haven't yet finished the first draft of Book Four, The Missions Wither. It's the capstone to the series! It drives me nuts not being able to work on it.

Ah well, the cast comes off April 4 so I can get back to work.

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