Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
Always forward, never back

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Pause is Over

It is necessary to explain the reason for my failure to post on a more dependable basis. Excuses are always boring so I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet.

My faithful HP desktop began to give up the ghost last September. It would crash and constantly leave me hung out to dry during search sessions. [Going along nicely when, out of nowhere, the screen froze. The only way out was to manually restart.] Thought the problem was the browser and removed/uploaded dozens of time. Then went and bought a new modem. Finally, the smartest move of all – bought a Dell Inspiron desktop with Windows 8. A real shock after a decade of Vista. Win8 desktop gave me a problem so I found Classic Shell which gives me a Win7/Vista desktop.

Problem solved! Right?

Seems MS has turned cheap and no longer includes a word processor [or my favorite games] in their software packet. They only give Word Pad and NotePad. No problem – simply download OpenOffice or LibreOffice [or both].

Also came with a new keyboard. After years of using a large Logitech keyboard, the new, small one is giving me fits. The “a” and CapsLock are so close that I find myself staring at upper case every few seconds.

I was able to transfer all my important files; documents, pictures, and music. I also discovered a new program – Spotify. Not to download music but to listen to like the radio. The best thing is being able to seek your own artists and arrange play lists for your pleasure. Guess what I've been spending hours upon hours doing?

And finally, out of nowhere, I find myself with a severe case of bursitis for which the doctor gave me a strong pain killer that makes me quite drowsy. I am finding it hard to concentrate. Beside the fear of addiction, it doesn't help that the medicine is not all that helpful in easing the pain.

So, as for our good Father Baegert and his travails in California, I promise to return to him next weekend. Until then, thanks for your patience and understanding.

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