Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
Always forward, never back

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trying my hardest ...

to think of something to post about.

In conduct research for a short story I'm thinking about writing, I came across yet another tool - H.H. Bancroft's History of California, 1542 to 1800.

So much information to absorb.

But that does bring up the reason for the search - While sleeping the other night, I dreamed about a young boy living at one of the missions.

So, I decided to write a mid-length novel aimed at kids and young adults. No title but I've come up with the main character.

It will, of course, deal with the life of the times and the conflicts between Father Serra, Governor Fages, and Captain Rivera.

Just one of the things I discovered - it was customary throughout the Spanish empire that captains/commandants controlled the supplies for the troops. Their agents bought the goods at one price and then generally hiked that price for the troops and their families.

As Fages was also the commander of the Catalonian Volunteers serving in California, he showed favoritism toward them in charging a reasonable fee for food, clothing, and other items. At the same time, jealous of the loyalty shown by Leatherjack Soldiers - known as presidials - to Captain Rivera, Fages tripled the cost of supplies sold to them.

How to weave that into a story about the son of a presidial is going to be fun - and interesting.

I'll keep you posted as things develop.

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