Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
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Sunday, January 1, 2017


As this is the fourth in the series, it's a bit difficult knowing who's who without reading the previous. For that reason I'm going to let you know who I'm writing about.

The most important for sure are the main characters. So, here goes:

James (Joseph Gaspar) Beadle is the son of Timothy who's from England and was marooned on the shores of Baja California Sur in 1769. His mother, Carla was a Guaycura Indian who died in childbirth in 1788.

Teresa Marta Carpintero is the daughter of Jaimenacho, an Indian from the western mountains of Mexico rescued by the Franciscans and taken to Baja where he finds Timothy washed up on the beach, Her mother, Yellow Butterfly, lives in Carmel with her father, sister, and brother. She and James grew up together and were married by Father Serra in 1784.

James and Teresa Marta have 2 daughters and one son.

David, an Esselen Indian from Carmel is a crew member of the ship, The Queen and James' friend.

There are, of course, many more but I hope they become clear as the story unfolds.

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