Father Serra - Missionary

Father Serra - Missionary
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Monday, June 5, 2017

A Lot of Work

When I first got a contact with my publisher, I saved all my manuscripts and changes. Then, when we were ready to go to print, I received the proof copy and approved it. At that point, I saved most of my work to compressed files and just kept the proof copy.

What a mistake!

Now that they're mine to publish, I have to go through all the novels and prepare them once again. Much to my shock, I had somehow lost the manuscript to The King's Highway. All I had was the .pdf, or AdobeAcrobat file. So, how on earth could I use that to get back to a basic manuscript to prepare to republish?  Luckily, I found an online, free program that allows one to convert a .pdf file to one suitable for a word processor. I happily converted the file and sucked in a deep breath to find it fitting into my word processor.

Easy. Right?


I have no idea who typeset that monstrosity but it's been a massive headache trying to get back to a basic manuscript. There are graphics embedded that have to be deleted. And then, a whole lot of the text was posted as .jpeg or graphics files. They have to be copied and recovered in a complicated process. It's a real pain but something that has to be done.

I would love to give whoever did that the bird. But, that shall never pass.

So, onward with the work and the time will come when I'm ready to set about republishing them.


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